Where's a Decent Plumber When You Need One?

The internet is full of great plumbers and engineers, but where are they when you really need one?

Sewage was pouring out everywhere. No part of the building was spared. Kitchen. Serving area. Entrance. Seating area. Every square inch of the community cafe was covered in the remains of...well, we'll leave that to your imagination.

Can you help?

This took place the first week shops were allowed to reopen- can you imagine! As if Frank, the cafe owner, hadn't been hit hard enough recently. And whilst the problem was bad, the need to urgently find an emergency plumber who was able to help in the Surrey area, felt like an impossible task.

Before Frank contacted Plumber at hand they had tried over ten different specialist, all of which were either unable to answer their phone or unable to attend. And whilst working their way down the list, the sewage kept rising.

Immediate help for a fraction of the cost

A hero was on-hand to save the day. After locating a plumber in the Redhill area via the list of specialists, a video call was booked and immediately, the issue was being dealt with.

Before even visiting the cafe, the plumber was able to explain exactly how the issues could be stopped before they were able to attend via their video call. Frank was instantly reassured.

He also had a much better understanding of what the issue would potentially cost him, allowing him to plan how best to deal with the problem.

And whilst the council were eventually called to deal with the problem, the fact that Frank was able to save himself time and money with a plumber listed on the Plumber at Hand site was a trick he'll be sharing with others.

"It was starting to become a bit of a joke. After trying to speak with so many plumbers I wanted to give up. The Plumber at hand site was easy to use, saved me money and Miguel's video was really helpful. I'll definitely be recommending Adam and I'd also recommend Plumber at Hand to anyone."

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