Save the Planet and Your Money

Being clever with the way you use water can not only help to save the planet but these simple tips can make a real difference to your bank balance and your peace of mind.

Many of us will remember the 90s cartoon Captain Planet. A hero, alongside a team of international eco-warriors, who helped a generation to understand that caring for the planet is the right thing to do.

Whilst you may not have your very own ring to conjure up the blue hero, there are a number of ways you can reduce your water usage around the home; saving the planet and your money in the process.

The bathroom

Did you know that around 30% of our water usage comes directly from showers or baths and a further 23% from simply flushing the toilet? We are not suggesting that you flush the loo less but did you know that something as simple as putting a brick or an object of a reasonable weight into the tank of your older toilet will reduce the amount of water needed to fill it? Of course, you can have a more efficient toilet installed but this isn't always an option for everyone.

Taking a shower rather than having baths is often a piece of advice that many of us provide others. But did you know that filling your bath to a reasonable height, over time, can save you more water unless you take short showers?

Turning the tap off when brushing your teeth is another very simple way of saving money and up to 8 gallons of water a month!

The type of showerhead you install can also be effective. Using a head which is AAA rated can help improve the efficiency of your bathroom massively.

For the more 'adventurous' out there, you may wish to place a bucket under your shower whilst you wait for the temperature to adjust. This water can then be used for tasks such as watering your garden.


There is nothing more 'British' than a cup of tea, but did you know that you're not only wasting energy but water and money every time you boil the kettle? Rather than overfilling, fill your cup with exactly the amount you need and then place that into the kettle. This will boil your kettle quicker and avoid wasted water.

Another easy fix is to use a bowl in your sink when washing up. This method requires just 6 litres of water (compared to 13 litres in a dishwasher). However, if using the dishwasher is more your thing, making sure it is full before pressing start is a far more effective way to use water.

Applying this principal to your washing machine is also a great way to be water savvy. Avoiding half-loads on a regular basis can reduce your water usage massively as well as save you money on your energy bills.

Just like with any pipework in the home, checking whether there are any leaks with your taps and pipework will save you money and avoid damage to your property; so make sure this becomes a fairly regular part of your home maintenance routine.


Saving money and the planet doesn't just happen inside the home. Being cautious with your use of the hose when it comes to watering your garden or cleaning your car can make massive savings. Filling up a watering-can instead is far more environmentally friendly and avoids wastage.

Installing a water butt as part of your home's drainage system is another tried and tested method. Over time, the butt collects rainwater which can then be used in the garden and for other tasks.

And if you have green fingers, using mulch can also help to reduce your need to water the garden.


Finally, there are a number of technologies which can be installed around the home to help save you water and money.

A water meter, much like the systems now used to measure gas and electricity usage can be a useful way to visually see how much water you are using. This shouldn't be seen as an invasive addition to your home; its purpose is to help you understand your water usage and make alterations if required.

Leak detecting technology can also be installed in your home as a way of saving you the effort of checking whilst also instantly letting you know when it occurs.

If you have a larger garden, you may also like to install an irrigation system that can not only help you to sit back and enjoy the sunshine but will also ensure you reduce your water usage and be more effective.

Finally, you may wish to install a number of different water saving items such as AAA rated dishwashers, washing machines, shower timer devices as well as a new toilet; not always the cheapest option but will certainly help to make you feel like part of Captain Planet's team.

Get Expert Advice

Finally, it's always good to seek advice before or during any work undertaken on the home. And whilst some of us are able to consult a friend or relative who will help out for free, most of us aren't as lucky.

Plumber at Hand for instance, allows you to make a thirty minute video call with an expert for just £25. This is a truly affordable way to get instant, expert advice from a heating engineer or plumber to ensure you can complete the project without breaking the bank.

So instead of waiting for the problem to get worse and cost you a fortune, take simple actions to ensure your home runs efficiently and you can save money in the process.

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