Plumbing and Heating in the Age of Covid-19

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

The world has changed forever. But what does this change mean for the Plumbing and Heating industry?

The last few months have not been easy for most of us (just ask the 5,000 staff about to be made unemployed by British Gas). Whilst it's been a good time for many to learn a new skill or master a dance on Tik-Tok, the majority have lost money, and more importantly, loved ones.

What we've also lost is a sense of trust in others and gained a fear that strangers we let into our homes could potentially harm us.

If your boiler suddenly decides to stop working, or there's a leak under your sink, what do you do if you're shielding a loved one?

What is the industry doing?

The guidelines have been pretty clear ('Go out, don't go out...'). Water and Heating specialists have been able to visit homes and sites but should try and maintain social distancing measures as they do so.

Many reputable sole-traders and companies have ensured their staff wear facial masks, thoroughly clean their equipment, vans and the site before and at the end of each day.

However, this is not enough for some families and individuals who are vulnerable.

How can we adapt?

What the industry has required, even before Covid-19, was a way in which customers can be truly supported without the need to visit.

A telephone call can help some but without being able to see the issue properly most problems will never be resolved and the customer is left frustrated.

Plumber at Hand has changed all of that. Using their video call system, not only can customers resolve many of their water or heating issues 24/7 without the need to wait hours or pay hundreds of pounds, but the fear of protecting those we love has been reduced.

And whilst this system will still require specialists to attend a site when required, there is no doubt that customers can feel safer in the hands of experts and plumbers and engineers get the benefit of earning money from home.

The world may have changed, but expert advice will always be needed.

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