How to Save Money on Your Heating and Plumbing

At at time when, now more than ever, every penny counts, our experts have compiled some quick tips which can easily save you money.

Drips and Leaks

Quite often, many of us wait for disaster to strike before we realise there is an issue. Simply running a few checks on a fairly regular basis can really help to save you money.

So before you have a huge problem on your hands, check your taps and main pipes to see if there are small leaks which have begun to appear. Usually, all that will be required is a simple tightening or replacing a washer which costs next to nothing- early identification is key.


Radiators play a truly important role over the winter months. However, without proper attention they can become ineffective and costly to replace.

One of the main issues which occurs with radiators is that they begin to feel cold in places and warm in others. The resolution to this problem is quick and cheap to fix- bleed it!

Using a radiator key (or pair of pliers) and a bucket and towels to collect any residue, open the valve slowly and begin to bleed it until the water that leaves the radiator is clear.

This will not only make your radiators more efficient but save you even more money in the future.


A blocked sink can be a real pain in the head and the wallet. Whilst a sink strainer will ensure that waste doesn't enter your pipes, routinely using a sink unblocking products will ensure your pipes are clear and no issues build up.

For bathrooms, it is better to use a sink unblocker which helps to remove hair rather than grease which is more useful for kitchens.

Basic Boiler Maintenance

Whilst a service plan is an easy way to save you money in the event of a major malfunction, there are simple things you can do to save even more.

Boiler pressure is the most frequent complaint which can be easily resolved. If your heating isn't working correctly, the pressure could be too low. Check the instructions for your boiler before altering the pressure, but this is easy to adjust and will potentially avoid a callout.

The colour of your boiler flame is also important. If the colour isn't blue, this means there is an issue which needs to be fixed. Whilst you are unable to fix this yourself (unless qualified), early identification can save you money and avoid much larger issues.

Get Expert Advice

Finally, it's always good to seek advice before or during any work undertaken on the home. And whilst some of us are able to consult a friend or relative who will help out for free, most of us aren't as lucky.

Plumber at Hand for instance, allows you to make a thirty minute video call with an expert for just £25. This is a truly affordable way to get instant, expert advice from a heating engineer or plumber to ensure you can complete the project without breaking the bank.

So instead of waiting for the problem to get worse and cost you a fortune, take simple actions to ensure your home runs efficiently and you can save money in the process.

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