How to Maximise Your Income From Home

Maximising your business is important but it doesn't need to be difficult. In this article we explore how water and heating specialists can earn more whilst working from home.

Plumbers and Heating Engineers are fantastic at what they do. If a customer has an issue with their water or heating, or they are simply looking to improve their property in some way, water and heating specialists can transform homes and business locations.

One thing many Plumbers and Heating engineers are not very good at is generating additional business without having to travel, measure and tender.

With this in mind, there are a number of simple things that can be done to ensure you're earning far more money without having to leave the sofa.

The customer is your social media advertising

Every time we interact with a customer, whether that's on the job, via phone and even online, we are creating a potential advocate for our business.

It may sound ridiculous, but just by interacting with customers in a professional and respectful manner will make it highly likely that they will use you again and recommend you to others.

Of course the work you undertake will need to be of a high standard, but great customer interaction creates free marketing for life.

Let your website do the work

If you're looking to work more from home, an effective website is key.

Any business should always consider the ROI (return of investment) in any business decision (for example, do you hire a tool for a certain job or is there long-term value in buying it?) but there is no doubt that you can reach far more people if you can be found online.

But remember, your website. is your shop window. If it looks cheap, people will question your ability to do a good job. Taking the time to look at rival sites is a great way to understand what works well.

Once you're set up, using your site to showcase your work and to highlight customer reviews is a superb way to 'pitch' for work without having to leave your home.

Get tweeting you twit!

Social media isn't just a place to share pictures of your dog in a Hawaiian shirt. Potential customers are sharing their experiences and asking the wider community for recommendations for potential jobs to their property.

Therefore, setting up specific social media accounts for your business, particularly on Facebook, and joining community groups online, will ensure you can interact with customers, for free, directly.

Service sites are a great way to earn additional revenue but you are often competing with others and not getting the work as a result. With social media, you have direct engagement with potential customers; you can find them rather than the other way around.

Complete a job without leaving your home

Finally, whilst many kind-hearted specialists offer advice via the phone for free, this doesn't generate instant income which will also lead to further referrals.

Plumber at Hand allows for both. Once registered, customers will book a video call for up to thirty minutes. If the call is a success, you've earned money without leaving your sofa and now have a customer for life.

If the issue requires you to visit, you'll receive 100% of that fee. There's been no 'tendering', you've avoided all the lengthy emails and communication that can take place on other sites and there's been zero travel!

For more information on how to save money with Plumber at Hand, visit

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