Code of Conduct

We want everyone at Plumber at Hand to have the best experience possible. 

That's why all plumbers adhere to our strict code of conduct.

Mission Statement: We strive to offer the most effective service for anyone who requires support with their plumber, heating or hot water issue.

Conduct Guidelines

  • All Plumbers/engineers must have at least five years experience at the time of applying to the site.

  • All plumbers/engineers will keep to their appointment times unless there are exceptional circumstances.

  • If a new time cannot be agreed the customer will receive a full refund and transactional fees will be taken from the plumbers total income.

  • All plumbers/engineers will present themselves in a professional manner. 

  • All plumbers/engineers will conduct themselves in a professional manner.

  • Users of Plumber at Hand will be spoken to in a courteous manner. If this is not the case please warn the individual that the call will be terminated if that manner persists.

  • You are not required to attend the location if an issue cannot be resolved.

  • It is your responsibility to offer sound, safe advice and never insist on any work being undertaken if the customer feels uncomfortable.

  • If a customer does not answer their call at the start of the half an hour, plumbers/engineers are expected to call fifteen minutes later before the booking time has expired.

  • Any work that is undertaken by the plumber/engineer is their responsibility alone.

  • All data which is shared with the plumber/engineer should be immediately removed from personal devices one transaction is complete

Plumber at hand operates a two strike policy; if a plumber/engineer is found to fall foul of the terms of use and code of conduct​ they will be warned. If the plumber/engineer acts in this manner a second time they will be removed from the site and this information will be shared on their feedback sites.

If there are any questions, please contact us